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Highly customizable sidebar widget: displays latest buddypress forum topics by groups, users.

Show custom options: author topic, freshness author, date, excerpt, avatars, group, group avatar.

Sort by recent, popular or unreplied.

Download plugin v.1.0.0

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Джаджата показва последните теми на buddypress форумите от определени групи или потребителите. Предоставена е възможност да се избира какво да се показва: автора на темата, последния активен автор, аватари, име на групата, брой на мненията в темата, дата на последното мнение.



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  1. Helloo!
    I have wordpress site on which i have installed forum bbpress but lately i have changed into php fusion forum
    And my question is do i can use your plugin to diplay latest discussion on forum which is php fusion on wordpress site with some of modification
    I would be greatfull if you can help

  2. Hi
    Forum is integrated on way if you click on link you come there on forum
    Its not plugin but separetly installation from wordpress , but like i have said link for forum is on wordpress site and i would love to have latest post from forum on my wordpress site

    • We went to your site and saw that it’s php-fusion forum. This means that the forum and your wordpress website, use different databases. Our plugin (BP recent topics Widget) will not be helpful in this case. We check that php-fusion allows RSS Feed (http://www.pvc-stolarija.info/forum/feed/ return last post). In this case you can use any RSS Importer in your WordPress site, that will be show last forum posts.

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